ITZU's focus is on facilitating talent development. Because people and organisations make progress and achieve sustainable growth through the stimulation and development of talent. We accomplish this through our in-depth expertise in HR and with the personal commitment every individual deserves.


ITZU is your talent partner

ITZU Talent Solutions

We help make ambitions come true through talent 
We use proven methods to develop every professional's true potential, without losing sight of the person behind it. 
This is how we help individuals and organisations move forward. 

We provide tailor-made guidance and advice in the following specialisations: : 

  • Assessment & development
  • Coaching & training
  • Career counselling
  • HR advice & organisational development
  • Outplacement via Hura
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ITZU Talent Recruitment

We help talented people seize opportunities 
Every talent deserves a tailor-made job, and every organisation deserves motivated people. That's why we like to work as matchmakers between employees who want to switch jobs and organisations that want to grow sustainably. 

With these services, talent really comes into its own:

  • Temporary employment
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Foreign recruitment
  • HR secondment
  • Subcontracting (Yourwork)
  • Internships and student jobs (ITZU, Squire & Mise en Place)
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Our vision

ITZU unfolds everything that makes talent possible. By stimulating and developing talents, we create progress and sustainable growth in people and organisations. We do this from our deep expertise in HR and with the personal commitment that every individual deserves.

ITZU aims to grow into an international talent partner known for its creativity, professionalism and expertise.


Hire us as your talent partner

Hire us as your talent partner and take your HR approach to the next level. Because at ITZU we also help you with your HR strategy and your employer branding, and we provide you with more insight into your HR processes using concrete data.

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